Crypto Currency for Youth

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1. How to get exposure to Crypto without actually buying it. There are a number of ways to gain exposure to Crypto without buying it from exchanges which even today in 2022 can still be pretty intimidating. Explore a few of the other options here.

2.    Get your free copy of Inventing Bitcoin - Inventing Bitcoin by Yan Pritzker 

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Tid Bits of interest

Short Tid-Bit Articles:

Walking through the history of cryptocurrencies

$60.7 Billion by 2024... that's huge!!

Banks With Crypto? The world is full of hypocrites

Cryptocurrencies are gaining heat

An animated short version of My First Bitcoin

Youth Specific:

Article One - Crypto Currency and the learning/investment opportunities for Youth

Article Two - Dear Students, everything in Bitcoin's way is your 1 billion dollar opportunity (college)

Article Three - Parents are paying children in digital money - end of pocket money?

Article Four - Pocket Money why it needs to survive?

Article Five - Good digital parenting

Article Six - Piggy Coin - Want to buy some? 


Article One - Bitcoin, Blockchain and Cryptocurrency an introduction for discussion

Article Two - What are MEME coins? 

Article Three - What are NFT's? 

Article Four - NFT's explained by Coinfield exchange

To be continued ...