Crypto Currency for Youth



NOTE: We have a number of courses which are free for viewing.


What is Bitcoin? A good place to start with the most well known Crypto....

For more lessons on this topic there is a whole course here

What is Blockchain?

1. What is Blockchain? A simple explanation and 4 part explanation that cuts through the hype..

2. In this series of lessons you’ll learn the basics and fundamentals of bitcoin, what it is, how to purchase it, and perhaps most importantly, the question of why it matters to our culture and society as a whole. We would suggest you spread these 10 Lessons over a period of time. They are short but full of information to absorb. We have also provided some resource links to explore. Take your time and work through the course at your own pace. Have questions or comments? Head over to our Community page and interact with others or pose your questions and comments to us through our contact page and we will do our best to answer you as soon as possible. Enjoy!

3. 7 Days of Bitcoin - Let's get started - what you need to know


Lily explains Bitcoin

             Not bad for a 3 year old


Want to check out the many YouTubers who are talking Crypto Currency. Please remember this are influencers but you should always do your own researach to validate any claims made by or on YouTube. CryptoCurrency for Youth is creating our own list of followers to feature on our site - stay tuned for our choices!.


Crypto Dad back in May 2018 Rex gave us a shoutout on his Live Q & A. Thursday May 31st, 2018. Rex mentions Groups4Schools early in his video. We are partnering with Rex to bring our "youth" audience some insight. Check out his page and his "coming soon" video for youth..