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Our sponsors are dedicated to helping promote our educational objectives to youth. Sponsors may support one or more initiatives across our website ie. courses, give-aways, webinars etc. Our main sponsors may have their own dedicated page offering specific information on their companies or projects.

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Cryptocurrency for Youth welcome BITVO based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada as our first sponsor to assist us in educating youth about all things Blockchain and Crypto. Please consider checking them out and supporting the work they are doing to bring Crypto Investing to Canadians


We are on a mission to become Canada’s premier cryptocurrency exchange. With a focus on customer service, security, and transparency, we make cryptocurrency trading accessible for all Canadians.

Bitvo Learning Centre - Artcles of interest on investing with Crypto

Bitvo's monthly newsletter, beginning Feb 2022...

Bitvo will also be providing us with some "swag" to use on our give-aways - be sure to follow us and check out our contest and give-aways to earn a chance to win swag...